Gen Y: Marketing Trends

Check out this great infographic about marketing trends!

The infographic focuses on Gen Y and comments on how inbound marketing has become a critical component of marketing plans.


Are you aware of the characteristics of Gen Y?

  • Gen Y is the generation born between the 1980’s to the early 1990’s
  • Can be known as Millennials, Y generation, or Eco Boomers

CLICK HERE to learn about Gen Y characteristics

Do you know inbound marketing is?

In summary, inbound marketing is about content sharing and aims to attract consumers  through techniques such as content marketing, search marketing, video production, and social media when potential customers are in the process of researching information to make a purchase.

CLICK HERE to learn about inbound marketing methodology


2 thoughts on “Gen Y: Marketing Trends

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  2. Hey Guys. Thanks so much for mentioning our Characteristics page here. That’s real awesome.

    Good blog you have. Good luck. Ill be checking by!

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